Trusting big time, knowing why you’re there and when to get out

I want to focus on mindset and coaching. It has been three weeks since I opened my high-end coaching program but I already have six people. When people pay you a great amount of money, it is a huge responsibility. Since I am the one getting the money, I have to be committed to deliver the greatest value. These people are trusting me to get them certain results. I will show up like never before and put in the work. This is a powerful position for me as it helps me to get into the greatest depth and put in my best.

Trust is the key

When it comes to education, learning, and growth, trust plays an important role. The faster you can trust someone and go all in with them, the more you’re going to get out of the relationship. Our whole culture has taught us to not trust people. Trust goes both ways. When you get into a cab and drive places with strangers, you have to trust the Uber driver. The age-old concepts have changed with time. We have started trusting every segment of society. If I trust people, I will do exactly what they say without arguing or asking questions. Once they break my trust, they break the deal and I am completely done. I will not give it a second chance because I am clear about my purpose of being here and I am aware of what I am doing with the person. I want to get my value out of it. If that moment of trust breaks, it is over for me. This is one of the most important defense mechanisms that we should all cultivate and know why we are in a relationship with various people in our lives.

The greatest big problem is most people are half-in half-out when it comes to trusting each other. We have to trust a huge section of the population to do great things in life. We also have to surround ourselves with people that you know, like, trust and weed out the people that break our trust if we want to achieve great things in life.

For example, when you are building a company, you have to hire people you trust. In my case, I have to hire managers that I completely trust. I am effective in this process because I am aware of my purpose. Once they break the trust, I am out. Even in case of mentorship, you have to hire someone you can trust. Make sure that they are legit and do what they say without giving your opinion or arguing. This is because success comes from execution. If you argue or do not follow the instruction of your mentor, you are shooting yourself in the foot and wasting everybody’s time in the process.

Find a mentor who you can trust

The best example would be my daughter. My 8 year old daughter often asks me while choosing whether I like the pink one or the blue one. No matter what I say, she argues that the other one is better. I love my daughter to death and she is the greatest thing in my life. But I have no idea why she asks for my opinion and then argues with me! Find people that you trust and go all in with them until they run out of things to teach you or they break your trust. If you do it, you will grow faster in your business faster than ever and make a difference.

If you think about why you’re not successful, it might be because you do not have a person who is a step ahead, takes responsibility for your success or who you trust. Most of us are somewhere lost, arguing, discussing or thinking.

If you want to go to the next level in your work, find that person and invest with them until they break your trust or run out of good ideas. And then move on to the next one, and waste no time.

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