Yoga retreat schedules change lives

Schedule is the most powerful tool on a yoga retreat to bring positive change.

In my other posts I discuss the importance of the hero’s journey. How you integrate this powerful idea is through the schedule.

When I started doing yoga retreats, I would take people to nice places. I would give the same lessons I would give at the yoga studio. Later, I realized that I was missing out on a huge potential to have a positive impact. People might have their breakthroughs in yoga but it also happened at the dinner table. They might find it at the cenote, while jumping off a high zipline or in our discussions. Some people are lonely and making friends is what they need. Then when all this combines, they have a layered experience that blows their mind.

So I started to layer
I realized that physical yoga could only go so far.

A lot of people were there for mental reasons. They were dealing with a breakup, divorce or the loss of a loved one. I incorporated more things which involved discussion and journaling. This led to the birth of Dharmify, which became my main tool to get people talking. If I could get people talking and gelling the group, my success rate on my retreats would go up in a dramatic way.

On the first two days of your retreat, you should have tools that gel your group. Find ways to make everyone feel heard. This way they’ll feel comfortable to speak up if things go sideways. You have to make sure that the people feel safe and the lines of communication are open. The biggest mistake that I made early on in my retreats was not making a conscious effort to connect everyone.

If you don’t do this, you often get hit by what I call assassins.

These are people that seem like they’re having a good time but aren’t. It’s usually irrational but it happens more than you think. They could be upset about kids being there. Or your teaching style. Or the venue. Or any mix of things. Then they create a story to justify their disappointment. Sometimes there is nothing you can do about it.

Then they can give you a bad review, suck the energy out of things, try to turn the group on you and criticize you.

To avoid this, create a schedule that engages people in multi layered ways.

Each day I try to have physical, mental, spiritual and adventure concepts.

Here are some ideas.


Have things like yoga, calisthenics, snorkeling, hiking, massage.


I try to have things like dharmify, journaling, meditation,


The main spiritual thing I am trying to do is help people find breakthroughs.
Through things like ceremonies, cooking classes, ice baths, music, art, discussions to build community, communal meals and workshops.

Cave meditation, snorkeling, going out in town, swimming in the ocean, boat trips, river floats

Good luck and make the best schedule!

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