Sell to people that don’t know you

I’m doing something unique in my marketing and messaging. It is primarily to sell to the cold market. Many of us are selling to the warm market. Whenever you say things like hot yoga or ashtanga yoga with Hargobind, we focus on what we are doing. There is a problem associated with selling to the warm market. It is tiny and people are acquainted with what you are offering. Since they know about Hot yoga, they can go searching for it in some other town or with other teachers.  Targeting cold market People will not appreciate me for the amount of value as they are already getting those benefits. There are 8 billion people on the planet. If we rely on the warm market of people that know your product, we will have zero impact. The cold market is people that don’t know us. These are the people who have…

Yoga retreat schedules change lives

The reason I think teaching on yoga retreats is more effective than in a studio is because of the schedule. In my early days of learning yoga, it was never just about the class. In the ashram, we would have meals together. There was music. There was community. So many of the lessons were conveyed off the mat.
When you host a yoga retreat, you have that same ability to make each moment of the day special. In the podcast here I get into the schedules I like and how to create peak transformational moments.

Trusting big time, knowing why you’re there and when to get out

Trust leads to success. You can’t be successful without the support of a large section of the population. Ultimately we all have a people problem. We need to serve more people and trust more people. Yet most people get burned once and take away the wrong lesson. That people can’t be trusted. Thats basically agreeing to never succeed. Here I suggest an approach to really trust and be crystal clear and bold when people break your trust.