Webinars to keep your community together

It’s important to have this tool where you gather with your crew across the world to spend time together. A webinar can be a once-a-month yoga class, meditation class, or a kind of group checking. It could be your book club or anything. 

I’ve been doing my Dharmify webinar for a couple of days and I did one last month. I’m gonna do one Dharmify month webinar. It’s great to see how I do my webinar if you join it. It is a good way to get a clear path, whether it’s business, relationships, or a health issue. Dharmify is a phenomenal method so when you jump on the webinar you’ll see how I gather my core crew together to connect.

Setting up a webinar

It’s a lot of fun where you can stay connected to your whole group. I will take you to step by step through how I set up the webinar. I use my newsletter list and my distribution channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Podcast. These are the four key ways of spreading my message. I send a note out to people on a landing page where I emphasize that I will do some service to you. The greater the core message, the greater we sell our value. We keep trying to be a person of service helping the situation and having a greater impact.

So I do a landing page that explains the benefits of participating. I acquire the email address so they put their name and their email which sends me a note. It gets me excited every time I get someone who signs up for it. For my last webinar, I got 34 people signed up for the webinar. Out of 34, 14 showed up which is 40% of them. 

I set a date, and a time and they get a confirmation email. I use click funnels. There is much software with landing pages linked into MailChimp or your email, calls, and contact system. So you set the time, tell them the benefits, and put together your curriculum. I use Canva to create my slides. You have to drag-and-drop, make some pictures, put some slides and keep it interesting for them.

You make an agenda like a meeting, yoga class, or meditation. Besides being of service to a wide array of individuals, it’s a great way to get together as we’re all spread out across the world. So I’m doing a webinar once a month where you start to ramp up, rinse and people can check in with you. I host the webinar on Zoom so I sent them a link. They come onto Zoom, and I hold it as a presenter. 

When dealing with some type of business issue, a relationship issue, a health issue or you’re in the health and wellness space, I hope you’ll use my method Dharmify. It’s the best way to get clarity and tackle your problems.

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