These are my general philosophies in running a studio.

  1. Get clear on your objective. Ours was to get as many people as possible to practice regardless of price, body type, or background.
  2. Never let anything be broken. Replace lights, drywall, showers, faucets as quickly as they break. And they will break. Assume anything in the restrooms can and will be torn off the wall. Make fixtures prison grade when possible.
  3. Give everyone a deal. Good energy will get you far.
  4. Treat your teachers as good as you can.
  5. The natural sales cycle of other successful studios goes – easy intro offer (or free), classes ($18), workshops ($30), weekend events ($250), retreats ($1000), trainings ($300 – $3000). This is a natural way to progress your students and get clear in your own mind what you are trying to share. It will also push you as a teacher to increase your skills. If you can’t lead a workshop or put on a weekend event, you will struggle.
  6. Find people that inspire your practice and then bring them to the studio.
  7. Be really proud of your brand. Make t shirts, get a big sign, promote it everywhere you can.
  8. Trust the process. I have seen people that I thought would never survive a class, thrive and even come back. Same for the training. Don’t be the reason they never come back. Trust that the healing power of yoga and a blessing from the universe can do miracles.
  9. Yoga is so competitive. There are great teachers and studios everywhere. Do it if you love it and do it different and better than everyone else and then you won’t worry. Otherwise, be very afraid.
  10. Layer your services. I did my first training and didn’t get a job teaching for 9 years. I was really bad. Then I co owned a kirtan label. Then a festival. Then a studio. Then a retreat center. Then 2 studios. Then I finally had some perspective. Then I could layer those experiences to become a teacher.
  11. Marry someone like Siri Om
  12. Crush your students in your classes. And then love on them. And then crush them again. And then serve yogi tea.
  13. Teach with the elements of a good yoga teacher.