My teacher told me a story.

He went to the jungle to meet a psychic as many had done before him.
He brought a gift. A small statue.
The reader asked him to sit as he entered the hut. Before giving the gift, the reader cracked open 2 eggs and cooked them on the stove. The statue was inside the egg.
Using the eggs, the reader spoke of the statue and everything in relation to it. He was the statue, cooking.
The reader told him he would travel the world  and the source of his power would be a book.
Life unfolded that way.
I don’t buy psychics really.
My teacher told me the story though to make the point that everything is in relation to everything else all the time. It’s a mistake to try to understand things in isolation.
If I were to develop my own tarot system it would go like this. I would take a regular deck of 52 cards and lay them on the table. I would hand them to the person.
I would write out the most impactful words to describe the person that I could gather based on what I saw.
Love ||||||
Hate ||
Jealousy |||||
Rage ||||||||||
Abuse ||
Abandonment ||
Adventure ||||||||
Money Making |||||||||
Sex ||||||
integrity |||||||
Family |||||||
Aggression |||||
Romance ||||
Commitment ||||||||
etc etc
Then I would tell the person to stack the deck in front of the words that make the most sense.
My reading would predict the future would continue to stack cards on the piles that are the highest. That the future would reflect the past.
In blogging these past few weeks, I see experiences this way. Today may follow yesterday in one sense of time. But our emotions aren’t moving in such a linear way. They are building experiences on top of each other. The joy’s of today are building on the joy’s of many years ago. Each day we could in theory rearrange the deck.
This is important because if we think of experiences as a muscle, each day we can ask ourselves which muscles are we flexing ? Which muscles are prioritizing. We have only 52 cards. How do we want to arrange them ?