Students will learn to teach the 26 & 2 hot yoga series under the guidance of excellent teachers and advanced practitioners.

In this 200 hour, 4 week immersion program students will be exposed to a holistic introductory training to teach hot yoga in a fun, dynamic and beautiful environment.

Our curriculum will cover:

  • Yoga asana mechanics
  • The 8 limbs of yoga,
  • Applying philosophy when teaching hot yoga
  • Applying anatomy when teaching hot yoga
  • Healing modifications for injured, pregnant, elderly and young students.
  • Advanced postures
  • Using chakras while teaching
  • Safe ways to use hands on corrections
  • Yoga as both a spiritual practice and physical sport
  • Yoga competition as a path to transformation
  • Theming a class
  • Business of yoga – Introduction to the life of a professional yoga teacher

We will host most of our classes in our state of the art bikram style hot yoga room at Casa Om. The Casa Om Hot Room features mirrors, a podium and a new heat system as of May 2016 to mirror what you will experience at any hot studio across the world.

We will have mats, towels and water provided for us for each class. In addition, utilizing our natural environment to expand our experience, we will host classes on the beach, at under water caves, on a Caribbean island, the jungle and immerse ourselves in a complete full spirit experience.

It is our hope that this training will transform you body, mind and spirit so when you return home, your teaching transforms lives.

Students will be given a verbal guide and yoga manual. We developed these tools so that teachers will be able to safely set up postures, enter postures, adjust postures and exit postures. However our intention is that teachers will learn to approach yoga practice from multiple angles including energetically with the chakras, anatomically, as a sport, as a healing modality, as a spiritual practice, and as an exercise.

This training is open to all regular yoga practitioners inspired to transform themselves and serve others through yoga teaching.

It has been our experience that this sequence of postures practiced in a hot room, is tremendously healing to a huge percentage of the population. Teachers will also be introduced to meditation, other forms of yoga, advance class postures, synergy partner yoga, inversions, and other complimentary practices to give students a well rounded yoga experience and prepare them to teach in numerous settings successfully.

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