Someone asked if One Fire was a success. My intention with the event was to change the conversation around hot yoga. I wanted my friends and peers to come together to practice yoga and work on their craft. I wanted presenters to have the largest classes possible so they would push themselves to teach their best classes. I wanted studio owners to be able to network and share whats working for them. I wanted to see how 40 people hosting, pushing their limits, could make something positive happen for 300 + other people. I wanted to create a party atmosphere that would make our work fun.

Someone told me Osho once said human consciousness will change through festivals. And finally I wanted to prove to myself that if I saw something and didn’t like it, it could be changed. So in that regard, I would have to say it was a success.

The event had over 200 events with a mix of hot yoga, pilates, ayurveda, vinyasa, kundalini, yoga nidra, meditation, live music, DJ’s, hoop yoga, yoga demonstrations, break dancing, capoiera, ballet, salsa dancing, bikram yoga, and advanced classes.

We had workshops on professional development.
Topics included how to build an eco friendly yoga studio, how to lead a yoga retreat, best practices used in yoga studios, teacher trainings, practicing while pregnant, asana technique, nutrition and more. We had presentations on scientific research. We had a kids program and a vendor market. It was a major production.

I keep wondering why I ended up where I am. Bismarck said it best for us all. “A statesman cannot create anything himself. He must wait and listen until he hears the steps of God sounding through events; then leap up and grasp the hem of his garment.”