Nihang Singh’s in India have a tradition of dipping boars teeth in silver and sticking them in their Damalas. They wear khanda’s made of the Muslim crescent with a sword through it and place them on their turbans for all to see.

So of all people, it was humorous to see two of them cringe at the site of me. My friend explained why we dipped my teeth in silver and I wore it around my neck. How could THEY judge me? At least I was hiding it under my shirt.
The dentist told me to stop getting punched in the face. He had performed surgery on me for 6 hours through the night. The reconstruction of my mouth was a work of art. By getting hit like that, I was messing it up.
He started adjusting my braces and I started to cry. I could feel the pain into my brain. He asked if I wanted to get Anesthesia and then rescinded the offer. He said I shouldn’t. It would be quick. Just stop moving his braces. He was like the Punjabi John Wayne, incarnated as a highly skilled and sadistic dentist. Life is tough but its tougher when you’re stupid.
I had brought it on myself. Boarding school imposed a rule of no riding on top of buses. I resorted to climbing out the window while it was moving and scaling up the side like the highly skilled monkey that I was.
A two inch thick cable blind sided me as I climbed over the luggage rack at 40 kilometers an hour. It hit me so hard it knocked out my canine and  first premolar. Those are 1 inch teeth. I remember spitting them out along with a flood of gore. Most dentists have never seen that in people that are still alive. Except John Wayne. He had seen it.
It repositioned my two front teeth breaking the maxilla and leaving my upper lip to rest on the protruding teeth. I also had a series of burns across the face. I looked like an Ogre.
After rebreaking some bones in my mouth he created a series of wires through my teeth to recreate a semblance of order. A work of art he would remind me.
I was relegated to just drinking liquids for 2 months. I was to avoid getting anything on my teeth and to avoid all contact to my face. I was good for a while. When the older kid punched me, it split the inside of my lip. It stuck to my braces for days.
I remember my sister saying, he really should have punched you other places.
Slowly I was learning, life is tough but it’s tougher when you’re stupid.