Somewhere on the outskirts of Delhi, I checked in to the cheapest hotel I could fine. I had been in the Andaman Islands on a tsunami relief mission and the rest of my crew had departed.

Feeling far from home, I struck up a conversation with the inn keeper. Seeking camaraderie I tried to connect. After a small chat, he and a buddy led into a hard sell of prostitutes that they ran. Like describing specs on a car, he laid out the options.

Listening that night made me wonder, what exactly am I about, when all alone. After declining the offer, I wondered why. Maybe I was scared ? It’s an experience I think about often.

I was leading one of my workshops last week and some of the people were stumped on the mission statement step. We went a little deeper than usual. We started talking about the Constitutions for a country and how the mission statement is the seed of that larger document.  I thought about whether it would be helpful to write out a personal constitution. The US constitution in particular is a remarkable document to read considering the foresight put into it. It has been a document to straddle competing interests, prevent rebellion and maintain a lot of peace within the country. I thought it might be interesting to go through the process of declaring what is really important for an individual in a similar way.

Here is a first draft of my personal constitution for 2017.


The Personal Constitution

How my time on this earth is going to be spent

Article 1

How I treat myself

Each day I will dedicate time to my health consciously building strength, flexibility and mental clarity. I will take every opportunity to improve the physical nature of my body through yoga, weight lifting, meditation and sports when available.

I will continue a vegetarian diet and to eat well each day. Each year, I will take 2 weeks to continue training in physical yoga and meditation.

I will spend time each year on martial arts, firearm training and military tactics.

I will spend time each year learning new languages.

I will spend each year cultivating new business skills.

I will continue writing and learn music.

Article 2

How I treat my family

I will prioritize and love my wife the way she likes. My marriage will be the first priority.

I will read books and study the process of building a good relationship.

I will teach my daughter discipline, self defense, business, sports, competition, and support the directions she wants to go.

I will provide the resources for her education while teaching her to stand on her own.

Article 3

How I treat my business

I will continue to build businesses in the yoga and healing space. I will pay my people competitively. I will provide a work environment that allows people to grow and be successful. I will continue to find ways for other people to succeed knowing that their growth carries me.

I will swing for the fences when the opportunities arise. I will look for ways to enter into the mega rich so that I can use wealth to support the causes that I am passionate about.

Article 4
How I treat God

I will continue to follow the Sikh religion and path with an open mind.

Article 5

How I treat the Earth

I will build in responsible ways to the earth that minimizes waste and maximizes the use of resources. Before I leave this Earth I will dedicate large amounts of time and resources to leaving a better space for future generations.

USA Constitution Parchment

USA Constitution Parchment